Dick Sisto/Steve Allee Quartet
Earth Tones (Jazzen 2016)

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The Sisto/Allee Quartet has been playing concerts in Jazz Clubs, Jazz series venues, Churches and Festivals for several years.

This studio recording has the quality and the "going for it" attitude of a Live performance. This is our sound. We hope you enjoy it.

For the Little Ones, Zebra Dreams, Blue Planet, Converstion with Bill, No Time Like Now, Only Child, Retroactive, Silver Cloud, Free Bird

Dick Sisto - Vibraphone
Steve Allee - Piano
Jeremy Allen - Bass
Jason Tiemann - Piano

Jazz Times Review (May 2016)

Dick Sisto
Engaging Compassion (Jazzen 2013)

This music was performed and recorded live at The Yum Center, opening for the public talk of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and recorded in the studio at The Kentucky Center on May 19th, 2013 in Louisville, KY. All of the compositions were dedicated to this auspicious event.

Save Tiber, Compensation, Endless, Shivaya, What We Have, Guru, Remembering the Rain

Dick Sisto - Vibraphone
Kenny Werner - Piano

Dick Sisto
Spirit of Life (Jazzen Records 2013)

Angelica - Ellington
Heavan - Ellington
Rain Check - Strayhorn
Lotus Blossom - Strayhorn
Don't You Know I Care - Ellington
Ninety-nine Per Cent - Ellington
Wise One - Coltrane
Dear Lord - Coltrane
After the Rain - Coltrane
Equinox - Coltrane
Acknowledgment - Coltrane
Resolution - Coltrane

Dick Sisto - Vibraphone
Steve Allee - Piano
Jeremy Allen - Bass
Jason Tiemann

Dick Sisto
Soul Searching (Ear X-tacy Records)

"Soul Searching" is an extremely well conceived and performed CD, marked by an interesting set of compositions that merit close attention. It is an excellent showase for Sisto's sensitivity and harmonic awareness. Solos are flawlessly paced, and delivered without a hint of waste. A spirited and remarkably inventive unit." -Dick La Palm (The Jazz Lobbyist)

Boppy, Like A Mist, Earth Lament, 12 Steps, The Path, La Mesha, Love Grows Deep, Summer of Love, Work, Portest Four Freedom, Chance, New Water

Dick Sisto - Vibraphone
Bobby Broom - Guitar on Trks. 1,2,3,4,6,7,9
Barry Ries - Trumpet on Trks. 5,8,10,12
Dennis Irwin - Bass on Trks. 1,2,3,4,6,7,9,11
Jim Anderson - Bass on Trks. 8,10,12
Mike Hyman - Drums on Trks. 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,12

Dick Sisto
End Of Time (Ear X-tacy Records)

Vibraphonist Dick Sisto's follow up to his earlier independently produced CD, American Love Song, is worth seeking. He's backed by a strong rhythm section, including pianist Kenny Werner, bassist Drew Gress, and either Steve Davis or Barry Ries on drums. His "End of Time" was written for the funeral of a good friend, but there's nothing maudlin about the tune; it is a driving yet reflective number. "Rhythm Thing" is another fine original by the leader, an up-tempo bop chart that features Barry Ries on fluegelhorn; Sisto also composed "Two Five City," a strutting hard bop vehicle. His interpretations of standards are also inspired. "You Must Believe in Spring" is played with a samba feeling, "Nature Boy" has a more exotic air than usual due to Sisto's use of a talking drum in addition to vibes. Ries also plays talking drum on several selections, including his composition "Insider," which has a captivating theme that is hard to predict. The closer, "Back to Nature," is a group improvisation by Sisto, Werner, and Ries that moves well into free jazz. Ken Dryden (All Music Guide)

End of Time, Rhythm Thing, You Must Believe In Spring, Two Five City, Nature Boy, Nobody Else But Me, Insider, Back To Nature

Dick Sisto - Vibraphone
Barry Ries - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Kenny Werner - Piano
Drew Gress - Bass
Steve Davis - Drums

Dick Sisto
Duo Live (Ear X-tacy Records)

Theme for Ernie, Francisca, I Think of You, The Chase, Maurice, Only Trust Your Heart, Infant Eyes, Evidence, Blue Monk

Dick Sisto - Vibraphone
Fred Hersch - Piano


Dick Sisto
American Love Song (Jazzen Records)

Vibraphonist Dick Sisto has spent much of his adult life away from the recognized jazz centers, but his swinging approach with the Fred Hersch Trio belies this fact. This private issue covers great standards by classic songwriters, including "Falling In Love With Love" and "Beautiful Love." Sisto also successfully explores jazz compositions by John Coltrane ("Moment's Notice"), Tom Harrell ("Little Dancer"), and Sonny Rollins ("Doxy"). His soft ballad "Summer's Gone" fits right in with this enjoyable outting. Ken Dryden (All Music Guide)

Falling In Love With Love, Everytime We Say Goodbye, My One And Only Love, Doxy, Little Dancer, Moments Notice, Beautiful Love, Monks Dream, Summer's Gone, If I Should Lose You, Some Other Time